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Mexican Cigars

Mexican Cigars are renowned for being milder but flavourful and, very aromatic, when compared to other hand made cigars from this region of the world.
The town of San Andres Tuxtla in the mountains of Veracruz State is where the best Mexican cigars are made. The area is close to the Gulf of Mexico and prevailing winds provide a mild and humid climate, where tobacco reaches high quality and concentration of flavour.
The original all Mexican cigar can't match the complexity of flavours generated by cigars made in countries such as the Dominican Republic or Honduras, where one cigar might contain a blend of tobacco from four or more nations. However, makers here are now creating a Mexican cigar that tastes decidedly unlike anything ever made in the country before. A cigar with a new breed of Mexican wrapper, tobacco filled with a blend of leaves grown outside the country.

Te-Amo Robusto

Te-Amo Robusto

Aniversario series
Length:5 Inches
Flavour: Medium to full
Box size:25
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A.Turrent 6 Generations Manduro

A.Turrent 6 Generations Manduro

Petit Robustos
length: 41/4"
Box size:21
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